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Nickel children-Steampunk Film-winner of many awards!

This looks like it will be great, but I haven't yet been able to see the film to review it although I am actively searching for a way to purchase, rent, or otherwise see a copy.  Here's the link:

Update:  The director sent me a very kind letter thanking me for my interest in his film and offering links and further opportunities to see more of it, as I am having some trouble finding an actual copy to review.  I think our interaction is also interesting, so I will re-post it here.  What is most important, that I have learned so far, is that the trailer shows some 19th century looking people forcing children to fight one another in a ring for the amusement of very jaded rich people who enjoy betting on them.  As that is the focus of the trailer, it leaves the possibility that most of the Steampunk Attired characters might be extremely sadistic perverted villains and simply add to the general public's confusion about our sub-culture, but thankfully that is not the case.  I think the trailer should point out better that the film is about a heroic struggle of a mother to rescue her child, who was kidnapped by these or similar monsters, probably for the same purpose, and those helping her including an ingenious inventor that makes steampunk gadgets to help her take on the established crime rings that operate these cock-fights that pit children against one another.  All of those that have been allowed to preview the film apparently think very highly of it, but I have still not seen it myself, so I can only report on what I have found.  I will re-post the progress of our correspondence here, so you can see how confusing the whole first impressions can be of the film and how it actually plays out.  Of the various links the director offered, the last one at the bottom was the most helpful as synopsis of the main characters are available there which also gives some idea of the basic plot line without spoilers per se.  In other words, it tells you where their character is a few minutes into the film rather than what happens as the film develops.  As such, I found that information very useful without spoiling the film.  see below:

Hello Ramon!
My name is Kevin Eslinger, writer / director of Nickel Children. I had a colleague send me a link to your blog, where you posted a link to us. First, I want to say thank you! It is incredibly hard, as you know, to get viewers/readers to your work. So we thank you again for the link! 2nd, i would like to send you a link or copy of the film for review, as well as invite you to our fan page on facebook. We are growing in numbers and have big plans coming up for this series!

Thanks for you support, and I thoroughly enjoy your posts on your blog!

Best Wishes
Talk to you soon
Kevin Eslinger (Official Email) (Official Website) (Twitter) (MySpace) (YouTube) (IMDb)
In an alternate 19th Century, dust bowl Kansas, a young boy witnesses his parent’s murder, and is forced to survive in an underground child fighting ring. Only the wealthiest are invited to attend these secret communities to bet on the children for their own amusement. ...However, one among them, is determined to find her abducted son ... whatever the cost. Nickel Children is an award winning international sci-fi steampunk adventure!
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My response as follows shows that I was still a little unclear at first about the plotline from the rather confusing, or at least very incomplete trailer:

Thankyou very much! I will certainly take a look and write something up about the film as well as send notice to my friends, which are many, on facebook and Steampunk Empire. The Steampunk element is what caused one to bring the movie to my attention, but I will look at the film as a film, in terms of whether I like it or not, and discuss the degree of steampunk influence seperately rather than as the only criteria for the film. Our community/subculture is also very interested in how, if in any way, films and TV shows might influence the general public to view us as a subculture. I think the idea of exploring how, what must be really jaded people, feel the need to transgress the most extreme of taboos to find excitement, would be an interesting film topic, especially since the child slave market already caters to this in the real world, so I'll try not to read too much into why the steampunk dressed people in the trailer all seem to be evil characters. I had to wait to review it until I could see a copy of the film, and will suspend any opinions until then. It appears, though, that many film critics really liked it. They are usually a harder audience than I am as I try to see all sides of every issue, and don't believe it helps anyone to trash anything really. Everything is multifaceted. I may over alnalyze, but I don't jump to conclusions about anything. I'll look at it later this week, and thanks again for making it easier to access.

After looking at the links I added:

I looked at all the links, and while I was pleased that one link gave a character synopsis that helps me to have a good feeling about the story line and that much of the actual steampunk inventiveness is beign done by the rescuers of the child fighters rather than their tormentors, I still cannot see the film itself using any of the links. I did see that all of the 15 persons allowed to pre-view the film liked it and hope the short film will become a series. That is very positive, but does not permit me anything more than hearsay, so I cannot really review the film unless there is a way I can view it. Any other suggestions? 

I'll keep you updated.  

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