Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Steampunk Sea Shanty

New Steampunk Sea Shanty

I just wrote it to put the basic story of the Covenant of the Kraken, our perforamance art groups' fictional back story (and steampunk fiction series) to music.  I've been trying to delve deeper into the Bardic Arts of my Druidic path for years and this is part of that journey.  The song is too long to put here, but it's in the page section of this blog in the right hand margin of the main page.  I'll sing it and put it on you tube later, so you can better hear how I intended it to sound, but right now I have a head cold, so that will have to wait a little.

It's now available with sound file on one of the pages in this blog.  Teh pages are listed just above the links to specific blog entries.

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