Monday, October 11, 2010

Film with SP Leanings-Adele Blanc-Sec

Victorian anthropolgist digging up mummies, including one that talks, very politely to her, and wants her to take him to see the local museums.  The film also includes a flying dinosaur, magic, etc.  OK, so this would be what is called "Gaslight" fiction as opposed to Steampunk, but it's still very appropriate for this blog.  Take a look at the trailer.  It has some over 18 warning due to a half second glimpse of breasts when the protagonist gets news that causes her to leap out of a tub, but it's pretty tame, regarding nudity, actually.   As I have not been able to actually view the film, I cannot actually review the film or recommend for or against seeing it, but you may be sure I plan to see it regardless.

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